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 The goal of EM Online is to share knowledge about Evidence Based Emergency Medicine pain management and pain treatment as much as possible. Currently, pain and many of its aspects and treatment modalities are undervalued in most Emergency Medicine programs, both for physicians as well as for nursing staff.

Besides,  many (pain management) studies are still being published under paid subscription and not available to everybody.

Over time, EM Online will collect as many Emergency Medicine pain literature as possible and will provide you with a review-like oversight on several pain treatment related topics.

Eventually, I hope to provide you with an Evidence Based approach to pain in the Emergency Department. As a result, I hope to improve pain recognition, assessment, documentation and analgesic administration in the Emergency Department, available to everybody. 

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EM Online offers an Evidence Based approach to treating pain in the Emergency Department. It will include critical appraisals of original articles and reviews on several topics in Emergency Department pain management.

The database of EM Online is a dynamic database and gets more extensive as new research and new topics are being added to the website. 


I would love to hear your input. If you think certain items are lacking, studies are missing or maybe you just want to share your thoughts about the website; please leave your comments at the feedback form below.


The ultimate goal of EM Online will be to establish a database containing all kind of topics regarding acute pain, with the focus on Emergency Medicine and available to all. 

Eventually, there will be a complete oversight and critical appraisal of original research articles, used as references.


Studies are selected using Medline, Cochrane and Embase. Critical appraisal of the available literature will be according to the OCEBM levels of evidence and the subsequent levels of  recommendations.


I've been an Emergency Physician since 2009, working in a large University Hospital in The Netherlands. Doing this work for several years now, I see many patients with painful conditions. Every day, in every form and pain due to any cause.

In some patients, pain is treated well, easily and quickly. However, in some patients it just isn't, which intrigues me.

I've always been interesting in optimizing pain treatment for my patients and therefore, I wanted to know more about it.

I designed some studies back at 2012 and eventually this ended up in starting a PhD. Finally, in 2019, I defended my PhD thesis on 'pain management in adult patients with acute traumatic injuries'. 

After this, I sought a way to make an oversight of all available literature regarding Emergency Department pain management and related topics and I wanted to share this knowledge at the same time. The result is this project; EM Online. 

I guess I will be looking for the best format over the next few months / years / decades....

So, if you have any tips or tricks, please let me know in the feedback section. Thanks!



Milan Ridderikhof, MD PhD

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